Zahida Abdoolakhan

Class Teacher,Year 1

Year 1 Blue Teacher


Education:  Bachelors Degree in General Education and Psychology), Certificate in Early Childhood Education.

I come from a family of 3 sisters. I have two gorgeous boys of my own, both at secondary school. I was born and raised in Lesotho. Lucky to have met and married a wonderful Mauritian man in 2001. My maternal grandfather was the first Asian to settle in Lesotho and that is how the Asian community grew. My dad was a successful entrepreneur and now specializes in property development and investment. My mum is an inspirational woman who worked in the work of business with lots of competitors and still made it to the top alongside growing up 4 responsible and independent girls. She is retired now and spends her time supporting my dad and caring for the less fortunate and enjoying her 11 grandchildren! Lesotho is a very small developing country, we had two homes; one in the city (because of schooling) and one in the mountains (our home). We travelled between the city and the countryside and I love the rural lifestyle. During my studies, I helped my dad in his business and I worked at the primary school I had attended as a child.
After i married and moved to Mauritius I worked at Clavis for 7 years. My career at Clavis consisted of being an assistant teacher at Reception, Pre-Reception, Year 1, Co-teacher in ICT and floating teacher after my maternity leave. Clavis is an IBPYP school and the age groups I worked with learnt and inquired a lot through play. In 2009 I joined West-Coast International Primary School which had just opened its doors and was in its infancy with only 9 students. I moved from PYP to IPC. I learnt a great deal from IPC as we were one of the first schools on the island to implement this new programme. I enjoyed every bit of it as I was on a learning journey.

I am passionate about teaching and believe that children learn best through manipulation and engaging activities. I also believe that children learn at different rates and in different ways. My role is to cater to the different needs and levels of children. A classroom has to have a variety of activities to meet the needs of the learners. As a teacher, I am also on a learning journey. I believe children need to have the freedom of expression and it is very very important to listen, really listen to children. The world we are living in is very competitive and career-focused, school is a second home for children and as a teacher, I have to make my classroom a safe and comfortable space for children to express themselves, enjoy themselves as they develop new skills.