Sylvain Roussel

Technology Coach

I have been at IPS since January 2010. I began teaching in the early 1970’s in Port Louis. Ten years later the learning journey took me to a township high school in Zimbabwe in for seven years, teaching Mathematics and French.  I moved on to Botswana as a subject specialist teaching Physical Education, ICT and French at three different primary schools until December 2009.

I believe that the love to learn is an important value that  I seek to inculcate in the learners that I encounter. I dedicate most of my time outside of school to the welfare of others. I  quest for ways in which learning can best occur and learner can become gratified in their success.

I  involve myself benevolently when time permits with street children both with Safire in Verdun and MPRB in Roche Bois. Some evenings and many weekends are devoted to families in the east and south of the country.

I am happily married to Marie Claire. Parents of two children Kevin and Joelle; two grandchildren Stanley and Jackson.