Samina Jhanger

Class Teacher,Year 2


Education: A Bachelor’s Degree (Hons) in English, University of Mauritius

I was born and grew up in Mauritius. In 2004, I joined IPS as a university student for my internship for a few months and after completing my degree, I was employed by Mrs. Coombes the former IPS Head of School in 2005 as a teacher and I am still part of the family thirteen years later.

I have three children, who are all IPS students and they love their school. I have taught Year two each year except for one term when I was the Lower Primary support teacher. I also coach an art class as after school activity.

As a teacher, I cannot describe the feeling of satisfaction you have when you see the lit up eyes of your students when they achieve something or grasp a concept they have been struggling with. It’s so fulfilling! The love of my students is what keeps me saying to myself, ‘Yes! I want to be a teacher!’

During the past thirteen years, I have grown along with my students. While using inquiry to inculcate a thirst for learning in my students, I have also learned alongside each and every student. I am happy to be part of the growth of each student.