Rosyanne Radaylall

Class Teacher,Year 1

Year One Green Teacher


Education:   Teaching Diploma in Primary Education- MIE, B Ed in Primary Education.


After having spent some years in France where I had the opportunity to teach French to English speakers. Upon returning to Mauritius I taught for ten years in national primary schools before moving to Clavis International School where I worked for five years in a PYP environment. It is my fourth year at IPS and I thoroughly enjoy being part of our community and assisting where I can in creating a wonderful PYP School.

The wonder of teaching is watching caterpillars become butterflies.” At the beginning of my career, I came across this quote and ever since I have been a teacher, I have been a privileged witness of unique and amazing transformations. Working in an enquiry – based curriculum oriented school enables me to help my students to achieve their potential in a creative, stimulating and motivating environment.