Nicky Bigaignon

Deputy Head of School

Deputy Head of School

British / Mauritian

Education:  A Bachelor of Arts  in Modern Languages (French and Italian) from the University of Bristol UK.
Associateship in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages – AcoT


I have worked at IPS for over twenty years and during that time have held various positions including Reception, Class 1 and Class 2 teacher, School Librarian, ESOL teacher, FS coordinator, KS1 coordinator and currently that of Deputy Head.

During this time I have been privileged to have been supported and mentored by the various Heads of School and have been instrumental in the growth of the school from its relatively humble beginnings as the International Section at Ecole du Nord to its status as a fully-fledged CIS accredited international school.
IPS occupies a large place in my heart, and I am often accused, not unjustly, of prioritising IPS over my other responsibilities.

Before settling in Mauritius, I lived and worked in France and Italy.