Support Services

Support Services

At IPS we recognise that all children have a right to a broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated curriculum. Each student is unique with individual needs and with this in mind, we aim to create a happy, educationally exciting and positive environment in which all students can develop to their full potential.

To meet our aims, IPS strives to provide support students with specific learning difficulties or learning differences to help them succeed in IPS’s learning programmes. We undertake a rigorous system of monitoring children’s progress, supporting academic achievement and personal achievement by removing barriers to learning.

To help further with this process, we have our LDI (Learning Diversity and Inclusion) and EAL (English as an Additional Language) Departments

Both departments aim to:

  • Ensure that our curriculum is responsive to all children whatever their individual need
  • Promote positive attitudes and individual confidence
  • Ensure all children experience success
  • Identify, assess, record and regularly review pupils’ special educational needs
  • Encourage parents/guardians to be involved in planning and supporting at all stages of their child’s development

English as an Additional Language

At IPS, our main working language is English, and each student needs to become a proficient user of English in order to access much of the curriculum.

Our main aims for EAL students are to:

  • Support students in the development of their proficiency in English, to enable them to effectively participate in mainstream academic activities.
  • Enable students to develop the confidence and skills necessary to become fully integrated in the social life of the school.
  • Provide support for the social and emotional needs of EAL learners
  • Offer support and training to teachers in differentiation for EAL learners, to ensure that lesson learning targets are made achievable by all learners
  • Gain proficiency in an additional language while supporting maintenance of their mother tongue and cultural heritage
  • develop a respect for, and understanding of, diverse linguistic and cultural heritages
  • enable the student to develop multiliteracy skills through the use of a range of learning tools, such as multimedia, in the various modes of communication
  • enable the student to recognize and use language as a vehicle of thought, reflection, self-expression and learning in other subjects, and as a tool for enhancing literacy
  • enable the student to understand the nature of language and the process of language learning, which comprises the integration of linguistic, cultural and social components
  • offer insight into the cultural characteristics of the communities where the language is spoken
  • encourage an awareness and understanding of the perspectives of people from their own and other cultures, leading to involvement and action in their own and other communities 

Teachers across the curriculum work to support acquisition of English, as the language of instruction. Class teachers differentiate teaching and learning accordingly to enable EAL children to make best progress. To facilitate this process further, we develop an individual, comprehensive EAL programme to support learners who have had less exposure to English, or who speak English as a second, third or even fourth language. Our dedicated EAL team provides additional support for children who do not have English as their first language.

Learning Diversity and Inclusion Needs

The special education needs department (LDI) at IPS caters for the need of students who experience academic difficulties. To qualify for the services provided by the department, concerned students will required a diagnostic report from a health professional to provide details about their difficulties, the implication on their learning and most importantly, recommendations to implement at

school. Once the report is obtained, the student is added to the LDI register and supported and monitored over the course of their time at the school.


As an IB School, IPS believes that counselling students goes beyond academic and emotional support, and we aim to develop student achievement through incorporating leadership, advocacy, collaboration, equity and access to opportunities. We maintain a safe learning and working environment for all members of the school community, and ensure that students have someone to turn to if they need help.


IPS is fortunate to have a Nurse present during school hours.

The School Nurse is responsible for:

  • the basic health care of students during school hours
  • administering First Aid
  • providing a place for sick students to wait until they can be collected from school
  • liaising with parents on, and making staff aware of, individual Care Plans for students with health conditions
  • providing health promotion and education lessons

Please see our Learning Diversity and Inclusion Handbook below:

Learning Diversity and Inclusion Handbook

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