Student Life

Student Life at IPS

We encourage our students to develop and practice leadership skills as well as empathy and respect for all others.
  • Each year, children in Upper Primary elect class representatives who together form the IPS Student Council.
  • Selected senior students in Year Six take on the roles of Prefects and Monitors
  • IPS supports all students in developing their leadership skills.
  • IPS offers a variety of daily After School Activities.
Relay 4 Life 2018

Move 4 Life

School Wide Fundraising Campaign
Y6 Rodrigues 2018/19

Field Trips

Y6 in Rodrigues

Student Leadership

The International Preparatory School encourages students to strive to make our vision a reality and to lead in our world of change by developing and practising leadership, empathy and respect.

Each year the teachers recommend a group of senior students in Year 6 to take on the roles on Prefects and Monitors. These students are given support and help in developing critical leadership skills throughout their final year at IPS.

monitors 2019

Prefects & Monitors


Student Council

Each year, children in Years 3 to 6 elect class representatives who together form the IPS Student Council (SC). The SC is sponsored by some teachers.

The Student Council meets every two weeks and discusses ways in which they can encourage student involvement within the school while promoting student action and service. The Student Council are the student’s voice at IPS and make suggestions to the Head of School for improvements and changes that affect student life.Each year, children in Years 3 to 6 elect class representatives who together form the IPS Student Council (SC). The Student Council is sponsored and facilitated by members of the IPS faculty.

Student govt 2019:20

Student Council


Extra Curricular Activities

There are many opportunities in Mauritius for children to be involved in a variety of new hobbies and sports while developing new interests and skills. We try to awaken some of these interests by providing Extra Curricular Activities for the children at the end of the regular school day.

The activities are offered from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and from 12:15 pm until 1:15 pm on Wednesdays.

Extra Curricular Activities (ECA's) are managed by the ECA Coordinator Mrs. Raumoo in the IPS Office. Activities are sent out to families each term by way of a Google form and all registrations must be made online. Registration is on a first-come, first served basis.

Activities are coached and sponsored by outside providers, IPS teachers or by Parents. In all cases, a fee will be charged. A percentage of this fee is returned to IPS for ECA programme a development. 

If you have any questions please contact the Admin Office at +230 2661975 or [email protected]

Health Services

The International Preparatory School employs a full time, qualified, and experienced school nurse who is present at school during regular school hours. Her office is centrally located next to the Head of School’s office, and she is available to advise parents about health-related concerns.

She also informs parents of any local health issues and about vaccinations. She assists with our health education programme and also liaises with our team of school cleaners. She administers first aid as necessary.

IPS School Nurse: Mrs Lilette Bhudoye

Qualifications: General Nursing Certificate from the Mauritian Ministry of Health.

I am Lilette Bhudoye, the School Nurse and I have been at I.P.S. for the last 17 years.
I started my career in a District Hospital in Mauritius where I worked in different units such as medical/surgical units, gynaecological, paediatrics and orthopaedics theatre.

After nine years working in a hospital, I moved into Community Public Health Nursing. I was involved in the expanded program of immunisations and screenings in Community Health Centres and Public schools. I joined I.P.S. in 2000 and I enjoy being part of the school life.

My professional goal as a School Nurse is to help ensure that each child can reach his or her educational potential by promoting optimum health and a safe environment.

For any questions please contact Lilette at [email protected] or +230 2661975

IPS School Nurse Mrs. Lilette 
Qualifications: General Nursing Certificate from the Mauritian Ministry of Health.  Nurse Lilitte has been with IPS since 2000.

Lilette Bhudoye

School Nurse

Lunch Services

IPS does not have a school canteen.

Students bring a packed lunch and break time snacks with them to school, and these are eaten at the designated break times. We provide seating areas, both in and outdoors where the children can sit and eat. All break and eating periods are supervised by teaching staff and class assistants, as is appropriate to the child’s age and maturity.

Northfields International High School is just across the road from IPS, and IPS students can order a packed lunch from their canteen. These orders are collected by IPS support staff and distributed at IPS to students. Details of this service can be requested from the IPS school office.