The library provides a wonderful hub of resources that support inquiry-based learning, social justice, learner agency and an environment that is safe for children to read, inquire, wonder, question, discuss and develop their knowledge and understanding.

Students will visit the library on a scheduled basis with their class once a week. It is important that students return their borrowed books during the following library session. No books will be borrowed without an IPS book bag. A replacement fee related to the value of the book will be charged for any lost or damaged books.

Library Lessons will focus on:

  • Igniting a love of reading Promoting healthy habits of using books and the organization of books
  • Unlocking imagination and creativity
  • Developing essential literacy skills and accessing a range of media and fiction and non-fiction texts
  • Making connections with Units of Inquiry
  • Establishing links with the UN Global Goals and Sustainable Development Goals

A year-long stand-alone Media/Library ManageBac Planner will be created for each year level to cover library systems, book studies and ATL skills. Integration with each unit of inquiry will also be a focus and appropriate library lessons will be added to Year Level ManageBac Planners under a subsection Media Studies. Teachers are warmly invited to request library support in teaching lessons. Nursery – Y4 students are to be accompanied to the library and fetched by a staff member. Y5 students may enter quietly through the resource room and Y6 through the main entrance.

We are delighted to embrace our roles in the library, igniting imagination and inspiring and empowering learners to be critical thinkers, confident communicators and global citizens.