Learning Support

Our Beliefs

We believe in providing learning support for  children as a part of their regular school programme. IPS will consult with parents at the admissions stage to ascertain if a child has already been identified as needing special support and, if so, we will do our best to arrange the appropriate guidance.

Referral Process

When a child is identified as needing additional learning support, the school will follow an internal process for referral, assessment, and programme development. Parents will be an integral part of this process. Learning support sessions may involve in-class support by a learning support teacher, small group work, or 1:1 support. The child’s progress is observed and assessed on a regular basis and, when set goals and objectives have been achieved, the child will exit the support programme. Such support is included as part of the regular school fees.

External Assessment

Occasionally, an internal assessment will indicate that further external expertise is needed, and the child and his/her parents will be referred to an outside agency or therapist for additional evaluation. Such intervention will need to be funded separately by the parents. Such therapy might include speech and language therapy, support from an occupational therapist or physiotherapist, assessment by an educational psychologist or clinical psychologist, etc.


At IPS learning support is a joint responsibility, shared by class teachers, subject teachers, class assistants, parents and the Learning Support staff.

All professionals working with a child share the responsibility for implementing the child’s IEP or other plans of action, and for providing the appropriate support based on the designated individual's level of need - as outlined.

Levels of Support / Needs - Guidelines



Support Needs



  • Student has been referred to Child Study Team and is being monitored. Needs are being met within standard classroom programme, but student will require additional assistance during periods of transition, or as they move into a more rigorous academic programme (likely to be from Year 1)
  • Monitoring includes a review with or additional information provided by teachers and parents. May also include referral to or liaison with external specialists e.g. Speech Language Pathologist.


  • As for #1, but the student has had a period of intervention (assessment, advice, support) from SEN and/or School Counselor, or is having an intervention with an external specialist, and the classroom programme (content or delivery) is being successfully differentiated to meet their needs.


  • Delay is at least one year below grade level, or there are significant social-emotional concerns
  • The student is receiving regular additional teaching support for specific needs, either in-class or in a small group situation. Periodic evaluation and review of the programme are required
  • Some form of individualised planning and/or documentation is in place.

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