Board of Governors

Board of Governors

The Board of Governors considers policy development and fiduciary responsibilities to be its primary functions.lykt med snømann nfl jersey store adidas buty yung 1 sobretudos outlet Portugal כבל חשמל למדפסת hp 1510 pánská bunda kappa vasil nfl shop 49ers violet shampoo before and after pánská bunda kappa vasil custom hockey jerseys sport slippers dames jersey soccer custom custom bike jerseys nfl jersey store jordan 4 cheap

Policies are those outcomes of planning and evaluation, which guide the Board of Governors in its operation and are guides for action by the Head of School.  Policies also act as a means of communication with the community, staff, and students relative to the  School’s Mission and Vision and other Guiding Statements and to its philosophy and objectives and Board decisions.

The Board of Governors ensures the financial stability of IPS through sound financial planning and the monitoring of the annual budget.

IPS Board of Governors Policy Manual

Responsibilities will include:

  1.    To establish the mission, vision, and philosophy of the School
  2.    Plan strategically to ensure the viability of the School
  3.    To employ, support and evaluate  the Head of  School
  4.    To monitor the work and effectiveness of the educational program through discussions with the Head of School
  5.    Approval of the annual operating budget
  6.    Approval of the annual calendar
  7.    Evaluation of itself on an annual basis

The Board of Governors office bearers for 2021

  • President of the Board: Sailash Boodhoo
  • Vice President of the Board: Mark van Beuningen
  • Secretary of the Board: Yahia Nazroo
  • Treasurer of the Board: Hema Cederhage

The Board of Governors Committees for 2021

Board Finance Committee – Hema Cederhage (C), Mark Van Beuningen,  Ali Esmael & Olivier Ma

Board Marketing Committee – Sophie Lagesse (C) & Vincent Hardy

Board Governance/Compliance Committee – Sailash Boodhoo (C) & Yahia Nazroo

Board Building and Facilities Committee – Vincent Hardy (C) & Sailash Boodhoo

The Board of Governors for 2021

Mr. Yahia Nazroo, Mr. Mark van Beuningen, Mr. Sailash Boodhoo, Mrs. Sophie Lagesse, Mr. Ali Haji Esmael, Mrs. Hema Cederhage, Mr. Olivier Ma, & Mr. Vincent Hardy