IPS Parent & School Associations

The IPS Parent Association (PA) is a separate body from the IPS Association (IPSA). The difference being that the PA assists the school on a day to day basis by, for example, selling school materials and uniforms, organising fundraising events and after-school activities for the students, whereas the IPSA assists the school in future planning initiatives and strategic planning. The IPS Board of Governors is made up of IPSA members.

The International Preparatory School Parent Association (PA)

IPS is supported by a lively and committed Parent Association (PA). All parents who join the school are encouraged to become members of the PA. The PA has its own office and storeroom situated at the main school entrance and parents are welcome to visit during opening hours. The office is run by the  PA Secretary, Mrs Clothilde Desmarais. The  PA office is responsible for selling school uniforms and school stationery and also undertakes the main organisation and administration of a number of extra-curricular activities for IPS students.

The members of the Parent Association elect a PA Committee each year. This committee is very active in organising a number of community events through the year. These events are very popular with our community and are designed to bring our community closer together and to raise funds for special projects to enhance student life on campus. In recent years the PA has contributed generously towards enhancing technology, providing air-conditioning and providing some very popular jungle-gym equipment for our playgrounds. The PA is also active in organising social events at the school, holding bake sales and in supporting the outreach work of the IPS Student Council.

The PA Committee is comprised of the Chair and Vice-Chair, the Secretary and Treasurer and a number of supporting members. In addition, the PA encourages parents to come forward as PA Class Representatives. The PA Chair is also an ex-officio member of the Board of Governors and is invited to join Board meetings.

The PA is a very valuable resource for our school and  for parents new to the school and PA members are always eager to answer questions and do what they can to help new IPS families feel at home!

Contact Information Tel: (230) 2662032

Email: [email protected]

The International Preparatory School Association (IPSA)

The International Preparatory School governing body is an association registered with the Registrar of Associations of Mauritius. Members of the IPSA are mainly parents of the school.

Being a member of the IPSA allows you to become involved in the school community and actively participate in the development of the school. As an IPSA member, you are also entitled to stand for election to the Board of Governors. Members of the Board of Governors devote their time to the school without remuneration.

At our Annual General Meeting (AGM) the IPSA members elect Board members to serve the IPSA for a mandate of two years on the Board of Governors.

At the AGM the following presentations are made:

  • The President’s Report on school governance and upcoming projects
  • The Head of School’s Report for the year under review
  • The audited accounts and the budget for the forthcoming year

The AGM is also the forum where parents can direct questions relating to school governance and policies to both the Board and the Head of School.

Click here to download the IPSA registration form.
Please return the completed form to the IPS School Secretary. Upon acceptance you will be invoiced Rs.500 membership fee

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