English as an Additional Language

The International Preparatory School (IPS)  draws its students from many different linguistic and cultural backgrounds. Children enter IPS speaking a variety of different mother tongue languages. English is the language of instruction, and some students who start school at IPS with little or no English will require support in learning English. Children so identified will be given English as an Additional Language teaching support (EAL). Specially trained staff will offer EAL classes to small groups of children at various age levels. Our EAL teacher works closely with the class teachers to ensure that the support is linked to the work in the regular classroom. Regular observation and assessment in the EAL classroom allow the EAL teacher to decide when a child is proficient and confident enough to access the curriculum and begin exiting the EAL programme.

The EAL programme is an integral part of the IPS programme, and no extra fees are levied for this programme. EAL  it is not an optional programme, and IPS reserves the right to decide when a child enters and exits the programme.

IPS also recognises the importance of a child’s mother tongue. Although English is the language of instruction at the School, we encourage all parents to continue supporting their child’s mother tongue at home. We want our children to feel proud of their mother tongue and to value it as an integral part of their history and culture. We also recognise the educational research that places high importance on a child having a firm grasp of his mother tongue if he is to make sure progress in a second or even third language.

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