Dhaneswar Beeharry ( Dhan)

Appointed to the IPS Board: 2009

Nationality: Mauritian

Dhan is the Chief Operations Officer at the Mauritius Freeport Development (MFD), based in the Freeport Zone 5, Mer Rouge, Port Louis. MFD is the biggest logistics platform in the region. Before that, Dhan was the Deputy General Manager of Sinotex Mauritius Ltd, part of a multinational group of companies in the apparel business, based in Hong Kong.

The holder of an MBA, Dhan has 20+ years experience in management and firmly believes that training and coaching are the bases for the success of the organisation. Dhan is also very active socially and was the President of the Lions Club of Port Louis in the year 2014-15. He has also been the President of the Education Commission of the Club since 2006 and has been the driver of numerous educational projects in various needy schools, e.g., setting up of libraries for students, organising health checks, sports activities. Member of the Board of IPS since the year 2009, Dhan is the Vice President since 2015.

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