Admission FAQ

How can I set up an appointment or speak with the Admissions Officer?

Please either call Ms Catherine Legrand +230 266 1973 or click through to register your expression of interest using Open Apply.

What curriculum do IPS follow?
IPS is an International Baccalaureate World School that offers the IB Primary Years Programme and reflects best practice from around the world and is aligned to and corresponds with current research and thinking in primary education. We favour the inquiry-based, integrated approach to teaching and learning which is common to many international schools. It is through the study of these well-established curricula that we have developed our distinct programme, relevant to our pupils and location.

When does the school year begin?
IPS follows a northern hemisphere calendar. Our new school year starts Late August and ends in late June.

Which year group will my child be placed?
Candidates for admission will be placed in a year group according to their chronological age. However, as many of our pupils come from overseas and as school entrance ages and academic calendars differ from country to country the school reserves the right to make the placement decision based on the child’s unique background.

Will my child have access to technology?
IPS offers shared class iPad access allowing all students to use digital technology to enhance learning that is  associated with their PYP units of inquiry. There is also a PC research lab available to groups of students. IT learning is led by IT coaches who work with teachers and students to develop skills and knowledge. 

Does IPS maintain waiting lists?
Yes, when necessary. As an international school, we have a continuous turnover of students. This means that when you apply our classes may be full. We then place children on the waiting list for the respective year level.

Are the Application fee and Registration fee refundable?
The Application fee is a non-refundable payment. The application fee is also due for students re-entering or re-applying to the school. The Registration fee is a one-time payment to be made on confirmation of a place and is not refundable. Students re-entering the school within two years of withdrawal are not required to pay a second registration fee.

Do candidates for admission have to sit an entry test?
In general student reports from previous schools provide sufficient evidence of a child’s academic level and achievements. In some cases, however, IPS may require students to sit our entrance test. The assessment fee is RS1000. Should a further external evaluation be required, the cost will be covered by the parents/guardians.

How will my non-English speaking child manage in an English medium school?
IPS provides English as an Additional Language (EAL) classes from the Year 2 through to Year 6. Many of our students do not speak English when they join our school, and our teachers are very sensitive to their distinct needs.

My child has specific learning needs. What programme is IPS able to offer?
IPS has a learning support department, and our staff can assist children with mild learning difficulties. We advise parents whose child has learning difficulties or challenges to please complete in detail the relevant sections of the application forms to help us evaluate whether or not we can meet your child’s unique and individual needs.

Where do students continue their secondary education upon leaving IPS?
Upon completion of  IPS, the majority of our students join either Northfields International High School (NIHS) whose campus is very close to IPS or Le Bocage International High School (LBIS) situated in Moka in the centre of the island. A small percentage of Mauritian children join local secondary schools.

Is there a school canteen?
No, IPS does not operate a canteen. Most pupils bring their packed lunch. However, it is possible to order food from Northfields International High School canteen, situated across the road from us. Parents order directly through Northfields Canteen generally on a weekly or monthly basis. The food is collected at 10:30 and 12:10 by IPS staff and delivered to the school.

Does the school organise transport to and from school?
We do not arrange transportation for students to and from school. Most children are dropped/collected by their parents or a driver employed by the parents. In some cases, families organise minibuses which transport groups of children who all live in the same general neighbourhood.

Does the school offer aftercare facilities?
We do not provide aftercare services. The school day ends at 14:50.

Are there after school clubs/activities?
We have a very active Parents Association which organises after Extra Curricular Activities. The range of activities depends on the availability of suitable coaches. Not all events are open to all age groups. Acceptance is on a first-come-first-served basis.

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